Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"odesk test answers?" Seriously?

You reached this page for answers in oDesk? You are kidding.

Here are the answers:

There's no short cut of building credibility in oDesk by cheating. Go make some sweaty preparation for the test. One tip is to open simultaneously the browser for instant research and have IDE let say for C# test on your side. C# Programming Test has lots of compile related tests and you can save some of your answers to assure correctness.

Some providers associated with companies has less than 20mins time spent on tests. You gonna be kidding! I bet they record the tests for their consultants. So that's the last tip. For a serious recorder, go seek desktop recorder like CamStudio. Remember oDesk test has almost a month of interval before you can retake the test so go take your best shot and good luck!


sdaf said... - a perfect shortcut. Gives you everything to pass odesk tests

sadklfjals;jdf said...

Yep, I've tried seeking for answers on, too. They have the answers, but their C++ section is definitely incomplete :(

SureshSmart said... is not a valid website

tips and tricks said...

must see>>

xman said...
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xman said...

bad news, all the above URLs do not exist any more!

Jeanann Hand said...

Actually, Odesk recommends looking for answers. They explain that unlike tests in traditional education, Odesk tests are not designed for learning, but for demonstrating proficiency. They recommend using any means available (including having the answers beforehand) to successfully complete your tests.